construction site perimeter

Construction Perimeter Protection

Barrier solutions to protect, define and contain major construction sites and temporary construction areas. Learn more.

parking area protection

Parking Area Protection

Delineate parking areas for increased safety during construction. Learn more.

construction site barriers with fencing

Specialized Barrier Applications

To minimize distraction and increase safety, barrier add-ons such as fencing options and warning lights can be used. Learn more.

propane tank protection

Propane Tank Protection

OSHA safety regulations require protection for propane tanks. Learn more.

walkway delineation

Walkway Delineation

Clearly define walkways when pedestrian traffic needs re-routing. Learn more.

temporary Utility protection at Penn State

Temporary Utility Protection

Protect temporary utility tanks per OSHA and NFPA regulations. Learn more.

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OSHA —1926.153(o)
“Damage from vehicles.”
When damage to LP-Gas systems from vehicular traffic is a possibility,
precautions against such damage shall be taken.”

 NFPA-58-32  . (2011 Edition)
“LP-Gas containers or systems of which they apart shall be protected from damage from vehicles.”