Construction Site Perimeter Protection

Be Safe Barrier provides an excellent and affordable way to safely delineate and contain construction sites of any size for any length of time. Visual barriers are easily seen and serve to shield crew, equipment and building materials from surrounding activity. Special walkways can be created to direct pedestrian traffic around danger areas. Our barriers are quickly deployed and professionally installed for hassle-free protection. Barriers can also be customized with fencing and other options to fit the needs of your particular site.

construction site perimeter protection

Specialized Barrier Applications

Be Safe Barrier makes delineation between roadway traffic and construction sites safe and easy. Hundreds of barriers can be deployed by two people in one day. Fence panels easily attach to each barrier creating a protective 6-8 foot barrier wall keeping all non-construction vehicles and personnel out. Adding screen or mesh to the fencing prevents individuals outside the construction site from seeing what is happening inside the fence and potentially distracting them when driving. Warning lights can also be added to increase visibility for added safety.


construction site perimeter protection with fencing

Parking Area Delineation

Many construction sites are very short on space so parking becomes an issue. By utilizing Be Safe Barrier’s custom solutions you can create a clearly defined parking area/lot and in doing so keep non-construction vehicles away from construction vehicles.

barriers to protect parking area

Walkway Delineation

When normal pedestrian traffic patterns need to be changed due to construction, weather-related disaster, etc. Be Safe Barrier can quickly provide easy-to-see, safe walkway solutions—whether long- or short-term.

walkway delineation at a construction site

Propane Tank Protection

OSHA requires protection for all bulk propane systems and Be Safe Barrier provides highly visible protection around propane tank and tank farms. Our barriers are quickly and easily deployed by one or two people and can be delivered and set-up on very short notice.

protective barriers around propane tank


Temporary Utility and Diesel Tank Protection

When temporary power is necessary, which is frequently the case on construction sites, and the space needed isn’t ideally located, the Be Safe Barrier system can create a safe protective visual barrier wall allowing construction to continue.


tanks protected at a construction site