BE SAFE BARRIER was built from the ground up with service in mind.

We understand how complex the task is to stay on schedule and within budget when taking a building from concept to completion so we strive to simplify and streamline any barrier protection requirement. The last thing you need is more complication, so we are here to create the simple solution you need; getting the job done is your work, your site’s safety is ours!


Whether you have an immediate requirement or anticipate needing barriers in the future we are just a phone call away. We help you to get moving quickly or to be prepared sooner and get the job done.


A Be Safe Barrier team member will gladly visit your project site, make a thorough assessment of your requirements and get a detailed proposal back to you that day. We give you the confidence know that you will quickly have what you need to get the job done right.


We know staying on budget is important — our professional and courteous Be Safe Barrier team will install your barriers so you have no labor cost associated with deployment or pick-up.

In fact, in most cases our barriers can be delivered and installed within 24 hours in every state we service—Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.

Robert Rankin, President, and Bob Luckenbaugh, Vice President, met several years ago through gymnastics while watching their daughters go from level 3 beginners to skilled level 7 & 8 State champion gymnasts. During their many hours together, conversations frequently turned to work as both have over a decade of experience in the construction industry. Seeing an opportunity to provide a safe solution for their mutual customers, Be Safe Barrier was formed.

Robert has been instrumental in the design and implementation of temporary heating plans for thousands of buildings under construction. With OSHA requiring protection around temporary bulk propane systems, which are necessary for temporary heat, as well as construction site perimeter protection, Robert continually saw how difficult it was for contractors to use the extremely heavy and cumbersome concrete road barriers. An opportunity to provide a safe and protective solution that required little or no involvement by the contractors was developed. Quickly installed and very portable, Be Safe Barrier became a welcome solution.

Bob, a concrete construction company Superintendent, brought his vast experience and knowledge with the use of concrete barrier protection. This proved to be extremely valuable in the development of Be Safe Barrier’s distribution and deployment strategy.

Together with their experience, knowledge, and drive to provide a customized solution for what was a construction site problem for their contractor partners, they have developed a product solution that has changed the way temporary protection is used; forever solving one of the most major problems of the construction industry, permanently, affordably and effectively.