Propane Tank Protection Offers a Necessary Layer of Safety

propane tank protection

OSHA requires that a perimeter protection barrier is set up around all bulk propane systems and that propane tank protection is in place for all propane tank farms. Of course, this is just one more task you have to ensure is done properly on the job site.


It’s possible to obtain the propane tank protection that OSHA requires without slowing down the project. The right propane tank protection barriers will deliver the protection you need without causing project delays.


For the Safety of the Site


Propane is a highly flammable gas that is about one-and-a-half times the weight of air. This heaviness means that propane tends to settle at the bottom of the tank, which could mean that a simple tap and spark from machinery can end very badly.


Propane tank protection is critical to the safety of the job site. Above ground propane tanks offer a unique risk to construction site safety. One misstep with machinery or a single instance of careless behavior can potentially cause serious damage and injuries.


Propane barriers and protection ensure that everyone on the job site is hyper-aware that there is a propane tank nearby and that they need to proceed with caution. Propane tank protection is an OSHA requirement for a reason, so you cannot skip out on this important safety step. Not only would you risk the safety of your workers and those in the surrounding area, but you could put your business at risk, too.


Choosing The Right Propane Tank Barriers


To ensure you have the right propane protection in place that meets OSHA requirements and that will also deliver enhanced job site safety, you’ll need to start with the source. Choose a reliable source for all your perimeter protection barriers, including propane tank protection.


Some considerations to keep in mind are:

  • Durability
  • Ease of use
  • Affordability

Durability is key to ensure the highest level of protection. Well-made barriers provide the worry-free protection you want for your job site. High-quality propane tank protection barrier ensures that equipment and labor steer clear of danger.

It is vital to the progress of your project that you have easily deployable propane barriers and can be set up in minutes. The right barriers will be portable, sturdy, and will take minutes to put in place. Quick deployment means time savings on the job site during prep times. The project will be able to get started on time without sacrificing any level of safety. The right barriers are risk-reducing and easy to deploy.


he right source has affordable protection for all your barrier needs whether it is to set up a perimeter around the job site or protection for propane tanks. Contact Be Safe Barrier for all your barrier needs and get the durable, easy to deploy, affordable, protection your site needs.