Propane Tank Protection Barriers

In the construction industry, propane is frequently used to provide power to temporary heating setups and vital pieces of equipment. But while propane is regarded as one of the cleanest and most efficient options, particularly because it’s so easy to transport and store, there are certain hazards associated with liquified propane gases.

That’s why OSHA has such strict regulations pertaining to the protection of propane tanks. For the safety of construction crew workers and residents in close proximity to a given site, it’s vital to have an adequate propane tank protection barrier in place. Propane cylinders need to be stored away from exits, stairwells, and entryways, but they also need to be kept within a highly visible barrier. 

When bulk propane systems have this type of protection, this ensures that the risk of dented or otherwise damaged cylinders will be minimized. It also guarantees proper storage, which can safeguard the quality of the propane while eliminating safety risks to anyone in the area. What’s more, this propane tank protection will allow the construction site to stay compliant with OSHA regulations — an essential step to completing projects on time and on budget, as well as maintaining professional reputations.

Whether you’re working on a large site or the project will take only a few days to complete, you’ll need access to the right kind of propane tank protection to promote safety and compliance. And because Be Safe Barrier is easy to set up, you’ll never have to delay your operations in order to secure your construction site. 

At Be Safe Barrier, we understand the importance of having simple solutions that will save both time and money. Regardless of the length or the scope of your next project, we’re here to streamline the safety aspects to you can concentrate on the work that matters for your bottom line. That’s why we aim to deliver and install our barriers within 24 hours in every state we service — and why we pride ourselves on providing top-notch customer service for those in the construction industry. For more information or to request a free proposal, please contact us today.