Temporary Utility and Diesel Tank Protection

All construction sites need access to electrical power. But in many cases, the short-term nature of these projects makes reliable access a challenge. It may not make a lot of sense to set up a permanent utility option, so temporary power is usually the obvious choice. With help from a temporary power system, you can ensure that construction stays on-budget and is completed on time.’

However, there are often other challenges associated with these setups. Because they’re only temporary, they’re often located in areas that range from inconvenient to potentially hazardous. Without the proper barrier, it’s possible that power could be disrupted or that accidents could occur. That’s why temporary utility and diesel tank protection is crucial for your construction site.

Although the space in which your utility hookup or diesel tank might not be ideal, construction crews often have to adapt to challenging situations. However, you’ll need to do everything in your power to make sure your access to power won’t be interrupted. Be Safe Barrier allows for a visually obvious and physically impassable way for you to protect these setups in virtually any part of your construction site. That way, you can make certain that both crew members and local residents will be more aware of their surroundings while safeguarding your temporary power source.

To keep your equipment running and to ensure designs are laid out according to plan, you can’t afford to sacrifice on your power access. Not only do you need to secure a means of powering up these components, but you’ll also need to take steps to keep that power on for as long as necessary to complete the job. Because our temporary utility and diesel tank protection barriers are easy to set up and transport, you can have these elements installed in a short amount of time — and even relocate, if needed — so that you can stay on schedule without jeopardizing safety.

If your job site is in need of a protective barrier for your power source or for any other aspect of your project, we’re here to help. Contact us today for further information or to obtain your free proposal.