What Does OSHA Say About Construction Site Barriers?

construction site barriers

OSHA regulations are constantly changing, but there is one set of regulations that they are pretty firm on, construction site barriers are a must for safety reasons. OSHA is tasked with protecting the approximately 8 million workers. There are certain things that OSHA just does not give any leeway in, and they will shut the site down until there is compliance.

Costly worksite shutdowns might seem a bit dramatic for not have propane tank protection barriers in place or missing some construction site barriers until you consider the potential for some very serious injuries.

Not A Problem, Until It is a Problem

Safety has to be a priority. Without the proper construction site barriers, you are leaving your worker’s safety up to chance. Even the best laid out safety plans can go awry without the proper precautions and tools in place.

As a manager you know that it does not matter how many times you lay down the rules about where workers can and should move equipment without barriers in place you are taking a tremendous risk. Construction site barriers are not only in place to protect workers they are there to protect the public.

Reducing Liability Through Compliance

One of the best ways to enhance safety, and reduce liability is through OSHA compliance with the easy to use safety barrier. Alerting pedestrians, and motorists that there is danger ahead that they should avoid is vital to ensuring your firm is protected from liability.

Visual alerts, and dependable perimeter protection barriers will enhance safety, and security, and keep OSHA happy. It is a simple way to create a safer worksite environment.

Propane Tank Protection

One of the most stringent requirements on the books about construction site barriers are propane tank protection. It is not only imperative for compliance issues but it is imperative to keep your laborer’s safe.

Easy to Deploy Construction Barriers Are The Solution

Ideally the construction barriers that you choose will deliver the protection that your worksite needs, the compliance that you want, and are user-friendly. High-quality barriers are available that are made to withstand the elements, and are easy to use.

It is easy to be compliant when you have the support of easy to deploy construction site barriers. Learn more about how you can get the barriers that you need for your worksite.